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Meet our NZ Director - Andy Ross

Published: 17 July 2019 - Business Updates

Andy has been the successful Director of PhysioOne, a network of physiotherapy practices in Auckland, for more than 13 years. Andy’s four locations will be the first Motion Health locations in New Zealand. Find out what motivated Andy to join Motion Health Group.

Why did you join Motion Health Group?

Joining Motion Health NZ was an extremely exciting opportunity and an extremely easy decision for me to make!

As a physio and as a practice owner, I had been questioning whether there was a better and easier way to run my business.

As the managing director of PhysioOne, I had grand plans for expansion and bringing my model of holistic physiotherapy to the wider community. But as you would undoubtedly know, running a physio practice isn’t for the faint hearted!

After spending some time at Back In Motion’s head office and with Australian practice Directors, it was obvious that there was a synergy between our companies; we shared a passion and desire to improve the way that physiotherapy is delivered to the public.

By joining Motion Health, I now have the support and systems to grow our team and ensure that we become significant contributors to the way that physiotherapy and healthcare is delivered in New Zealand.

What motivated you to want to work with the Group?

The thing that really became apparent straight away was the culture that has not only been developed amongst Back In Motion physios and practice Directors but at the Group’s National Support Office in every single function from HR to IT to Marketing to Finance. Every team member is absolutely dedicated to and passionate about ensuring the success of every physio and franchise in the network.

Another strong motivator to work with Back In Motion was their proven strategies for not only running successful practices, but for getting amazing clinical outcomes for their patients.

They have a strong philosophy that underpins their holistic approach to treatment. It challenges the quick-fix approach that is far too common in our industry and encourages optimum lifelong physical health through physiotherapy, Pilates, massage and exercise.

Possibly my strongest motivator for joining Back In Motion Health Group is the large network of colleagues, the team environment and the amazing professional development opportunities available as a result of that network.

This is a genuinely open group of Directors and physios who are more than happy to share their stories of success, how they got there and to help you achieve the same results. There are no egos or hidden agendas - just a group who genuinely want everyone to succeed.

As well as the professional development within the group of directors, the Support Office put on annual Directors’ Conference, Symposiums, Think Tanks, Group Advisory Panels and leadership courses.

What do you see as the benefits of being part of a physio franchise?

Being part of a franchise like Motion Health gives you access to a level of support that is simply impossible to achieve as a single physio practice or group of practices.

As a franchise owner, you essentially have your own marketing team, HR team, finance team, IT team, practice support team as well as a strategic board overseeing the operational aspects of the business and all working to ensure the success of your franchise.

A common concern regarding franchises is that they will dictate how you as a physio can treat patients. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What they do is provide you with systems, support, and a philosophy to help you use your own clinical expertise get the best results for your clients and for your practice.

What do you want to achieve in New Zealand?

Being a Group Director for Motion Health Group has given me a platform to really make a significant difference in the way that physiotherapy and healthcare is delivered in New Zealand.

By adopting the Back In Motion philosophy of holistic physiotherapy and aiming to achieve optimal lifelong health for our clients (rather than to just get them to pain free) we can make a real difference.

Unfortunately, the funding model and historical landscape of physiotherapy in New Zealand encourages quick fixes and early discharges from physiotherapy without really getting to the underlying cause of injury. This model doesn’t allow time to make the physiological and lifestyle changes necessary to prevent injuries from reoccurring and certainly doesn’t promote the philosophy of living and performing at your optimum capacity.

Tell us about your experience at your first Directors’ Conference.

The 2017 Directors’ Conference was a really positive experience for me. As this was my first conference I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but there was a real buzz in the air and as the Directors arrived one by one at our stunning seaside accommodation in Hobart the atmosphere grew and grew.

The conference had everything from guest speakers, small group discussion forums, team building exercises, boat cruises, whiskey tasting tours, an awards dinner for the 2016 Most Inspiring Director and a good amount of socialising (I mean networking!)

What a great bunch of Directors - all willing to share knowledge and experiences and who are genuinely enthusiastic about seeing their fellow Directors succeed.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference, and I can’t wait to bring a Directors’ conference to NZ.

Why should physios join Motion Health NZ?

There are so many reasons to join Motion Health. Firstly, from a practice owners perspective, by becoming a Motion Health franchise owner you can take all the guess work out of running a practice and get access to the Motion Health Group formula for explosive growth while being supported every step of the way by group who are experts in their field.

This will free you up to run your practice, develop your team and be a physio; rather than worrying about all the other stuff!

From a physio (non-practice owner) perspective, Motion Health is a great place to start your physio career. By joining Motion Health, you immediately join a team of more than 600 colleagues across Australasia who are more than willing to connect and help you with any query you might have. They are simply an email or phone call away.

There are also huge professional development opportunities with set weekly PD for new grads and annual group symposiums. There is a career pathway program so you track your progress in the industry, safe in the knowledge that you will be supported to achieve your goals.

As you gain in experience, there are opportunities to take on different roles within the practice from Clinical Associate to Clinical Supervisor to Clinical Services Co-coordinator to Clinical Mentor to Principal and even to Director if that’s the direction you want your career to follow.

There is also the opportunity to really make a difference. We know that our approach to physiotherapy delivers amazing
clinical outcomes.

If you want to develop as a physio, achieve great results for your clients and progress your career, then you should definitely consider joining Motion Health.