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Aged Care Physiotherapy

Aged Care Physiotherapy

Motion Health provides a range of physiotherapy services for seniors and residencies in the community.

We have got a dedicated team of physiotherapists that are well trained in aged care, and often treat in local community clinics, ensuring excellent rapport with local doctors, residents and aged care facilities.

Who we can help

  • Aged care facilities; nursing homes (high & low level care)
  • Hostels and supported residential services
  • Retirement villages
  • Clients in the privacy of their own home

How we can help

  • Quality physiotherapy for musculoskeletal, cardio respiratory or neurological conditions
  • Chronic pain management (ACFI Q12)
  • Falls risk reduction and management
  • Gait aid prescription, provision of health and safety equipment
  • Staff education and training, manual handling, pressure area management
  • Results4Life®  – Motion Health’s sustainable personal wellbeing program
  • Individualised exercise programs
  • Group exercise classes

Why choose Motion Health for aged care physio

  • Individual care plans
  • Evidence based, using the latest technologies
  • Fully accredited training with competency
  • Local, community minded physiotherapists
  • Quality control via internal auditing process
  • Passionate and professional staff

Read more about the specific aged care services we offer here.

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