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  1. Clinical Exercise - A mind-body exercise

    Clinical Exercise is a subsection of traditional Pilates taught by trained physiotherapists or other qualified professionals using an evidence-based approach.

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  2. Vertigo: common signs and symptoms

    Vertigo is described as a sense of motion which makes the room feel as though it is spinning. Vertigo is a symptom caused by many different conditions, but most commonly BPPV.

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  3. What causes cracked heels?

    Cracked heels are a common foot ailment often referred to as heel fissures, most commonly caused by excess dry skin.

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  4. What is a Tendinopathy?

    Tendinopathies are common in both athletes and people who are new to exercise. Luckily, Australian physios are at the forefront of both tendinopathy research and management.

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  5. How to get rid of plantar fasciitis

    Do you have pain in your heel or arch? It could be plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis describes injury to the strong sling of connective tissue that lies under the medial arch of the foot. It presents as pain in the heel and/or arch.

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