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  1. Avoid Holiday Aches and Pains: Four Tips From Physios For Having A Healthy Christmas

    With regular routines often going out the window, the holidays are a busy time for physios too with their clients experiencing the resurgence of old aches and pain as a result of rushing around and forgetting some of the basics to maintain their health.

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  2. What you need to know about returning to sport safely

    As we don our boots, sneakers or cleats, it’s important to remember that our bodies have been on hiatus too. Returning to sport too quickly can put our bodies at risk of injury.

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  3. Breaking Down 11 Myths About Lower Back Pain

    As populations across the world expand and grow older, lower back pain (LBP) is becoming increasingly common.

    Statistics indicate that disability from LBP has increased over 50% since 1990, most notably in low-to-medium income countries.

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  4. The most common injuries in kicking sports

    Sports that involve a lot of kicking, such as AFL, Soccer and Rugby require athletes to perform constant repetitive movements that can eventually place a lot of strain on the body leading to injury.

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