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Latest Articles

  1. Resistance band workout

    How to use a resistance band to workout

    - Fitness and Training

    Resistance bands (also known as mobility bands) may just about be the simplest and cheapest solution to create your complete home gym.

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  2. Runner with knee pain

    Runner’s knee: signs, symptoms and treatment

    - Fitness and Training, Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Anterior knee pain is one of the most common complaints we see in our practices. The technical name for this complaint is patellofemoral pain syndrome, or runner’s knee because, you guessed it, it is common among runners!

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  3. Woman with headache

    How to get rid of a headache

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Headaches are extremely common, with about 50 per cent of our population experiencing one or more headaches in the past year. We’ve put together your complete guide to getting rid of headaches - fast!

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  4. woman running on the road

    How to prevent common running injuries

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Don’t miss out on the great health benefits from running - check out our top tips for avoiding injuries when you hit the pavement.

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  5. Two women exercising

    The difference between muscle soreness and an injury

    - Fitness and Training, Injury Treatment and Prevention

    There’s no doubt that exercise can bring on pain and discomfort, both during and after our workout. But is it good pain or bad pain—and how can you tell the difference?

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