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  1. The most common injuries in kicking sports

    Sports that involve a lot of kicking, such as AFL, Soccer and Rugby require athletes to perform constant repetitive movements that can eventually place a lot of strain on the body leading to injury.

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  2. How a chiropractor can help with running performance and feet pain

    Read about how chiro can help athletes in their running performance and foot pain!

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  3. Getting strong: You can’t go wrong! Strength Training and injury prevention in sports

    Strength training helps lower the risk of injuries in sports. Learn about how you can get the most out of your sports!

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  4. Pro-active prevention: Principles of injury prevention for people who live an active lifestyle

    - Fitness and Training, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Pain Management, Physio Tips, General Health, Exercise

    For professional and amateur athletes alike, injuries are often part and parcel of participating in your chosen sport. Nothing is more frustrating than being forced into time away from training or competition due to a preventable injury.

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  5. 5 most common workout injuries and how to prevent them

    Strength, circuit and HIIT training are great ways to stay in shape and reach your fitness goals. But they also present a risk for injury if you’re not careful! Here are some of the most common workout injuries we see and how to prevent them.

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