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  1. Motion Health Group COVID-19 Action Plan

    Being a health provider, your health and well-being continues to be our utmost priority. Our practices are still open and our services remain active including 1:1 consultations and small group classes. However, in response to the COVID-19 virus, we have put additional measures in place to ensure you can continue your treatments and stay on the road to recovery, whether that be in-practice or at home.

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  2. Image of a woman with a sore neck

    10 tips to prevent neck pain

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention, Physio Tips

    We share our 10 tips for preventing neck pain and the flow on impacts, including regular headaches.

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  3. Pregnancy and leg cramps

    - Women’s Health

    Our physios often get asked how to avoid and relieve leg cramps - a common complaint during pregnancy.

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  4. Exercising - the benefits are much more than weight loss!

    - Fitness and Training, Men’s Health, Physio Tips, Wellbeing, Women’s Health

    Physiotherapists are in a unique position in the area of health. They have hands-on skills, using a variety of manual techniques to assess dysfunction and then to help relieve pain. These include joint mobilisations, manipulation, massage, needling, taping, orthotic prescription and many more.

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  5. Telehealth - Physio Online is now available at Motion Health Group

    Even though you can’t come to us we can come to you through Telehealth, our new Physio Online service. This will allow all clients to continue treatment with their Physio of choice, and stay on the road to recovery.

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