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    - Injury Treatment and Prevention, Wellbeing, Workplace health

    When most of us think about being healthy, we tend to focus on what we eat, the meals we make at home and what exercise we are going do this week and when we can fit it in.

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  2. Image of woman stretching

    How to start a new fitness routine

    - Physio Tips

    Many of us start the new year with good intentions to be healthier and happier, committing to a new exercise routine or gym membership. But, after a few months or in some cases a few weeks, this can fall down - can you relate?

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  3. Image of woman skipping

    Benefits of skipping for exercise

    - Fitness and Training

    Skipping is something we probably all did as children. It’s great fun – but skipping is also a serious exercise technique used by everyone from professional boxers to improve their conditioning to gym goers looking for a fitness fix.

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  4. Resistance band workout

    How to use a resistance band to workout

    - Fitness and Training

    Resistance bands (also known as mobility bands) may just about be the simplest and cheapest solution to create your complete home gym.

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  5. Two women exercising

    The difference between muscle soreness and an injury

    - Fitness and Training, Injury Treatment and Prevention

    There’s no doubt that exercise can bring on pain and discomfort, both during and after our workout. But is it good pain or bad pain—and how can you tell the difference?

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