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Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Discrete women’s health physiotherapy

Whether you have specific needs for pre or postnatal care, or the unique challenges faced with aging, Motion Health provides simple and effective solutions for women during all stages of their busy lives.

Women's health physiotherapy at Motion Health is:

  • Unique and tailored to your needs;
  • Undertaken in a safe and confidential environment, under the instruction of qualified physios;
  • Flexible, offering one-on-one services as well as intimate classes.

Prenatal physiotherapy services

Although pregnancy can be an exciting time, it can often be an uncomfortable one as well – with back, neck or pelvic pain, tingling hands and continence problems.

Whether you’re having your first, second or third child, it’s likely you will have your own unique health concerns to deal with.

Motion Health can provide:

  • A range of effective ways to maintain your fitness during pregnancy;
  • Treatment for and/or advice on avoiding back pain;
  • Friendly, confidential advice and treatment for your pregnancy-related health concerns;
  • Recommend exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor to avoid an incontinence during and following pregnancy
  • RTUS assessment to ensure you are completing your pelvic floor exercises effectively and accurately

Postnatal physiotherapy services

Regaining pre-pregnancy fitness and vitality is paramount to new mothers. Our physios tailor specific exercises to restore your posture and improve pelvic floor and abdominal strength.

Returning to exercise after giving birth

If you are pre or postnatal, your physio can provide extensive advice on returning to exercise. Specific attention will be given to the pelvic floor function and prevention of prolapse or incontinence symptoms that can arise when exercise is recommenced too soon or incorrectly. We can help you restore pelvic floor function and maintain your lower back care while also assisting in weight loss and pain management.

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