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Group Pilates and fitness classes

At Motion Health, our services spread far further than tradtitional physiotherapy. We offer a range of group classes that allow you to get back to health and fitness in a safe and social environment.

Personal training with a physio at Back In Motion

Our range of group classes

Mums & Bubs

Safe and fun postnatal fitness classes for mum and baby following a tailored exercise program guided by a physiotherapist.

Mums In Motion® 

Gentle, prenatal exercise classes for mums-to-be to prepare your body for pregnancy and child birth guided by a physiotherapist.

Muscles In Motion® 

Get back into exercise in our small and safe group exercise classes lead by a physiotherapist.

Pilates In Motion® 

A larger group Pilates class for those who have progressed from one-on-one and semi-private Pilates classes.

Semi-Private Exercise and Rehab

A cost-effective and fun alternative to one-on-one personal training. You’ll complete a personalised program under the supervision of your physio in a group of no more than four participants.

Semi-Private Pilates

After completing a series of one-on-one Pilates sessions you can move into semi-private Pilates classes with a maximum of four participants where your physio will take you through an individually designed program.

Why attend a group class at Motion Health?

Our range of Pilates and fitness group classes are:

  • Safe and controlled;
  • Guided by a Physiotherapist;
  • Personalised to your needs;
  • Run in a fun and social environment;
  • Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels;
  • Claimable on private health insurance with extras cover.

Request a place in one of our group classes by visiting your local practice webpage.

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