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  1. Is driving contributing to your back pain?

    - Pain Management

    Beeping, lane swappers and peak hour traffic are all frustrating parts of driving. Back and neck stiffness and pain can add to that frustration.

    This article explains how to set up your driving environment to support your body while behind the wheel.

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  2. What the time of day tells us about pain

    - Pain Management, Workplace health

    Pain patterns throughout the course of the day, give your physio great insight into the actual pathology of your injury as well as the contributing factors that have led to it.

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  3. Clinical Exercise - A mind-body exercise

    Clinical Exercise is a subsection of traditional Pilates taught by trained physiotherapists or other qualified professionals using an evidence-based approach.

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  4. Vertigo: common signs and symptoms

    Vertigo is described as a sense of motion which makes the room feel as though it is spinning. Vertigo is a symptom caused by many different conditions, but most commonly BPPV.

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  5. What causes cracked heels?

    Cracked heels are a common foot ailment often referred to as heel fissures, most commonly caused by excess dry skin.

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