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  1. Long-term injuries: What are they and how can we treat them?

    Long term injuries… they never seem to go away! Read about how to help manage symptoms.

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  2. Motion Health Group COVID-19 Action Plan

    Being a health provider, your health and well-being continues to be our utmost priority. Our practices are still open and our services remain active including 1:1 consultations and small group classes. However, in response to the COVID-19 virus, we have put additional measures in place to ensure you can continue your treatments and stay on the road to recovery, whether that be in-practice or at home.

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  3. Why is stretching so important?

    - Fitness and Training, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Men’s Health, Pain Management, Physio Tips, Senior’s Physio, Wellbeing, Women’s Health

    It’s been drilled into us since primary school in P.E. class, and it’s become routine in our personal training sessions, but why is stretching so important?

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  4. Hydrotherapy - Common Myths and Misconceptions

    - Pain Management

    We challenge some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding hydrotherapy and the effects it can have on our fitness and rehabilitation. We will also share insight into some of the benefits of exercising in the water.

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