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Injury Treatment and Prevention

  1. Image of a woman stretching

    How to fix dormant bottom syndrome

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Lower back pain as well as pain in your hips, knees and even feet can all be signs that you have weak gluteal muscles. Learn how to wake up your dormant bottom.

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  2. Image of weights

    Weightlifting and elbow pain

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Elbow pain is a really common problem that plagues gym-goers around the world.

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  3. Runner with knee pain

    Runner’s knee: signs, symptoms and treatment

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention, Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Anterior knee pain is one of the most common complaints we see in our practices. The technical name for this complaint is patellofemoral pain syndrome, or runner’s knee because, you guessed it, it is common among runners!

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  4. woman running on the road

    How to prevent common running injuries

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Don’t miss out on the great health benefits from running - check out our top tips for avoiding injuries when you hit the pavement.

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    - Injury Treatment and Prevention, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Injury Treatment and Prevention

    When most of us think about being healthy, we tend to focus on what we eat, the meals we make at home and what exercise we are going do this week and when we can fit it in.

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